How Coworking Spaces are Reimagining Desks-by-the-Hour Rentals


Our office landscape continues to change and employee demand increasingly focuses on flexibility in the workplace. As a result, coworking and shared workspace providers are expanding their services to accommodate the need for greater flexibility.

have long been a staple of coworking spaces, but now space providers are starting to look at these resources differently. Much like the current trend of converting into creative, multi-use spaces, space providers are finding creative ways of offering improved convenience and ease-of-use for these shared resources. Desks-by-the-hour can be great for either getting to know a new market or keeping a semi-permanent home base if you are on the road often.

Space providers are now making resources like desks-by-the-hour even more inclusive in terms of service-offerings and use. Now you’re no longer just confined to the use of a desk; many collaborative workspaces are consolidating access to shared resources, allowing you greater flexibility and freedom.

Rent a Desk-by-the-Hour, Get All-Day Access to Space Resources

Desks-by-the-hour have been a long-time solution for on-the-go professionals just needing a quick place to jet in and get some work done in some place that wasn’t a coffee shop; they were great for people who only needed an hour or two. But what if you’re in town for a conference or seminar? Or you’re going to be in and out of meetings all day?

Just because you may only need a dedicated workspace for a couple hours, doesn’t mean you don’t have other stuff to do. Now, coworking spaces are opening up their shared resources to desk-by-the-hour users, even after their desk rental has expired.

Take advantage of secure, high-speed internet, coffee and refreshments and event printing and faxing in a comfortable, professional atmosphere.

Collaborate and Build Your Network with a Professional Community

A great appeal to coworking spaces is their status as a place to foster professional collaboration and community. Rather than kill time after your desk rental by going to a coffee shop, connect with like-minded professionals and look for opportunities to build you network at a collaborative work space.

With an emphasis on social engagement, coworking spaces offer built-in resources for professionals to interact and socialize through community-building events, coffee bars and open common areas.