How to be more visible on search engines


has become a product where most people understand the value in the product. There are many reasons why companies should be purchasing this for their company. For starters, the product will provide added security when the package is in transit.

If someone would like to pilferage through the box and notices custom printed tape across the box, they are less likely to tamper with it. The reason is due to it being obvious whether someone tried to reseal the box with tape that is clearly not the original one used.

Custom printed tape with logo is a product companies should consider the advantages of if they want to be competitive and look more professional in the eyes on their stakeholders. Something to keep in mind is one of the most important ways to get more visibility is through search engine marketing. Rank tracking is a great way to see just how the keywords you want to rank high for is doing. When your site is coming up high on the search engine result page that is when your site will get more click and leads.

There are two ways you can show up at the top of search engines; either through Adwords or through organic search. With the former, that is when you can pay to show up high in the rankings for certain keywords. When it comes to organic, it takes a lot more time to be able to rank for especially if the keyword difficulty is high. This means that there are a lot of companies who would like to rank for the same keyword making it hard for other, new players to come in and compete for those words too.

There have been many studies to see just how many clicks the first ranked position gets and on average it would get about 33 percent. There is also another important find to mention. The first three pages of the organic search result page gets on average 76.92 clicks. The other 23.08% are distributed between paid ads, featured snippets or resulting in no clicks at all.

Keep in mind that not all searches are equal. Google has added many different features within the last few years, which has lead to different results. For example Google creates a more custom search results by looking at data points as in your location, previous search history, SERP behaviour and the device used.