How to use mixbook for creating a photo book


We all love the idea of creating a photo book. This becomes a precious gift for everyone. The photo book is not a book it is a storage of your beautiful memories where you can share your worst and beautiful picture along without hassle. Everyone feel proud when they shared their memories with their loved ones.

If you have decided to create a photo book, but don’t know how to start and which software would be the best to create high quality personal and customize photo book. So, don’t worry. Over a course of time, are the topmost choice for every editor who wants to create a photo book. One of the great advantages of the mixed book, it is funny easy and customized to create own creativity with possible tools. This website allows you to save your precious memory at one place and you will surely get the project quality without any doubt.

While creating a photo book you have to make sure that you are following the following tips:

  •    Must upload the pictures that have enough resolution because most of the recommend photos at least 4 Mb otherwise this not be printed.
  •    Always pick your picture wisely and according to your photo book size + dimension
  •    Select the best and decent cover style that offers you leather, matte or glossy hardcover
  •    Must ensure quality that you have picked
  •    Learn about basic details such as undo or redo option, in case you have changed your mind to delete or erase the picture.
  •    Must check out a preview of photobooks before sending a printing message
  •    If you want to check out the entire book then click on all pages Icon
  •    In case you want to add more pages then you have to add them two at a time
  •    To order a book you have to pay in advance and you will get the book in Express shipping of seven days.

After switch basic things you have to go further as follows:

  •    Pick correct template

In , you will get thousands of templates. Pick one for your project and then get started.

Here you have to select the template for your project and then upload your photos with few mediums that have been provided by the software after that you can insert your pictures.

  •    Choose layout

After setting all pictures the second thing is to create a beautiful layout for your photo book that produces high-quality look.

  •    Edit photos

Just in case you required some editing, so add filters or other effects to your picture.

  •    Add and edit

Here, you can choose stickers, beautiful messages, filters, background color or other features to improve your picture quality.

  •    Save

After satisfying with all the things you can save your Photo book and click on order for order. You will receive your photo book in seven days.

Before ordering, make sure that you have purchased this book at least expensive and quality hardcover that gives you an impressive and beautiful look.