HR Audit worth the Investment


Employees in today’s workplace are well informed about employee rights and entitlements. They know the legislation and are not shy about asking questions to make sure they understand. This is actually a good thing – it demonstrates that they are engaged! It also means that employers need to be aware and in compliance with Employment Standards and Human Rights. The cost of non-compliance can be high! Here is an example:

Many employers believe that they do not have to pay their professional staff overtime. This is incorrect – some professions are exempt, but not all.It only takes one of your employees to make a complaint to Employment Standards and your organization could be subject to an investigation. This is not only costly in terms of dollars, but also the time required to participate in the investigation and the potential impact on employee morale. If records and files are not in order, your company could be required to undergo a full payroll audit, which will tie up your Accountant and administrative staff for days!

Ensuring you are compliant with up to date Employment Standards and legislation is essential. One way organizations can mitigate the risk of non-compliance is by having an HR Audit conducted to ensure that you fully understand the legislative requirements and your possible exposure to a complaint.

Investing in an HR Audit conducted by a third party HR Consultant is a proactive solution to mitigate organizational risk. Not only will an HR Audit identify policies and processes requiring an update, but it will also enable managers to have proactive, open conversations with employees about company policies, instead of putting out fires when questions or complaints are brought forward.

An experienced HR Consultant can conduct an HR Audit relatively quickly and map out a plan to effectively address areas that may be of concern.

With expertise on HR best practices, and up to date knowledge of changing employment standards and legislation, a review of your people practices, policies and documentation is conducted. Working alongside managers within the organization to get a full picture of the current HR function, the HR Consultant provides a transfer of knowledge, enabling managers to effectively communicate changes to employees, implement new practices efficiently and be proactive moving forward.


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