Internal social networks: increasing business investment


Since social networks began to become part of our technological culture, there are many who have successfully carried the benefit of improved knowledge management in your company. The consultant Dacartec solutions, is one of them. Apply not only to their own management, but others can help take the opportunity that the rise of social networks provides many companies.

Several are already those who have taken advantage of the benefits of collaborative solutions such as intranets and internal social networks. These same companies are those that have realized the importance of integrating these technologies in their daily work, since not only facilitate the work, but also increase productivity, and are also the same companies that have previously passed being aware of time spent by employees to their “profiles” personal during working hours. Seen and analyzed this problem have been known, however, use the networks to benefit your business and involve workers in the same objective.

The companies eventually adapt and take advantage of solutions that concern us in this article, end up being recognized for its innovation and with it all that implies: adaptability, flexibility, efficiency and, of course, trust.

The demand for these technological solutions results in the creation and development of specific programs. Dacartec knows this, and also knows the importance of investing in internal social networking programs. All forecasts indicate that spending on these technologies is growing, nothing less than proof of its effectiveness and the need for change in the professional culture of the companies.

Lower costs of training, the gathering of knowledge and business culture or facility to locate a particular expertise of the company, are among the factors that improve the management of knowledge in internal social networks favoring any company that decides implement them.


– Companies that take advantage of internal social networks end up being recognized for its innovation and all that it implies.

– All forecasts indicate that spending on these technologies is increasing.