Investing in an Inclined Stairlift


Imagine a lift that combines aspects of the Vertical with those of a Stairlift…

The Inclined Platform Lifts are specifically designed to offer a smooth experience for all users and make no compromise to safety. provide the Platform Lifts to cater for all customer’s needs, ensuring that diversity is prevalent.

For buildings that have limited space available, the Inclined Platform Lifts are ideal. It’s thought that these Platform Lifts are less invasive than Vertical Platform Lifts or Wheelchair Lifts but enhance users accessibility, all the same.

Design of Disability Lifts

Any of the supplied by Level Access Lifts are designed to a high quality, therefore you can expect to receive the best value for your money.

The Disability Lifts are specifically designed to suit straight stairways and are easy to operate. Unlike some of the Disability Lifts, Stairlifts are designed to be compact and can easily be folded away in a way that’s convenient, essentially allowing other customers to use the stairs.

Disability Lifts like the are built to incorporate powered arms and ramps and perform in a way that’s similar to flying carpets. One of the main advantages of the design of these lifts is that they operate automatically and don’t require special training. They also provide a sense of independence for people with disabilities and limited mobility, allowing them to operate the lift for themselves.

Uses of Inclined Platform Lifts

As Access Lifts, Stairlifts are used internally and externally to enhance accessibility. Access Lifts are common in hotels, guest rooms, residential care homes and other areas that elderly people require easy access.

Often, the Access Lifts are tailored to suit commercial buildings and retail outlets, but this isn’t to say that they cannot be installed in various other public buildings!

Installing one of the Access Lifts from Level Access Lifts will make your building instantly more welcoming for wheelchair users and elderly people because they needn’t worry about having to negotiate stairs, meaning that they can maintain a sense of dignity.

The Access Lifts travel over an existing staircase and are ideal when an elevator or is not suitable.

Safety Features of the Access Lifts

When it comes to Inclined Platforms, the lifts supplied by Level Access Lifts are designed to operate easily. They are designed to incorporate a wide range of safety features, including a standard backup battery.

As well as this, they are built with an emergency stop function that allows you to be in control of the lift. In choosing a Wheelchair Lift from Level Access Lifts, you can rest assured that it will perform at safe operating speeds.

Benefits of the Wheelchair Lift

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In terms of performance, the Wheelchair Lift is one of the best. The Wheelchair Lift is the first choice for accessibility in buildings, especially those that are built on various levels. If you’re looking for a lift that operates alongside a flight of stairs without intermediate landings, you could benefit from an Inclined Stairlift.

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