People Barely Read Info via Banners. Here’s how you can make them look Once More


According to studies, only 1 in 10 people stop to check out a new banner. Not even this one person reads the entire information written on it. This is why most people think that using roll up banners for advertising is outdated and should no longer be used by companies.

The truth is that these banners are extremely useful. The reason why not a lot of people take a second look at banners is because they don’t see anything exciting. It doesn’t mean it is ineffective as an advertising tool.

By using the right pop up banner, it will be easier to convince people to visit your store and buy the products you offer. It is just a matter of rethinking your overall design.

Start with the design

You must have a gimmick to make people look at the banner again. For instance, there are banners with just a plain black background and text saying the brand name and its tag line. The design is very simple but it is enough to capture the attention of people. You can also hire models to make the products look more appealing or relatable to ordinary people.

The best way to capture attention is to highlight discounts and promotions. If people see that you have cheaper prices for your products and services, it will be just a matter of time before they come running to you.

Find the best location

Another reason why pull up banners are left unnoticed is because they are placed in areas that are not easily seen by people. You have to do your research to determine in which places they will easily be noticed. There is no single suggestion for the best location. Each area is different. It helps if you conduct a survey first so that you know the pulse of the people.

Take the risk

Some people are too skeptical when it comes to roll up banners. They don’t think these tools are effective. It doesn’t mean you should not use other advertising tools. If you can use social media or buy TV ads, it is fine. Just remember that if you have more tools at your disposal, it will be better. Don’t think that these banners are old school. Think of them as a strategy to reach local audiences. They could help boost your small business.

Once you have decided to go with a roll up banner for marketing, go ahead and check out . Even if it is cheaper than other advertising strategies, you will still spend money. It helps if you partner with a company that provides printing services at a lower cost. As long as quality is guaranteed, you have nothing to worry about.