Recruiting by the Hour


Recruiting by the Hour is a unique service that can save organizations money. HR Consultants, specialized in recruitment, work with clients to provide recruiting and HR support on an hourly basis –with no retainer fee and no contingency contract! The result is a full cycle recruitment service that is accessible for small and medium sized businesses. It provides transfer of knowledge and delivers the best possible candidate, for a fraction of the price. 


Recruiting by the Hour is a service that has been used by companies across Canada in various industries to recruit for positions such as Engineers, Business Managers, Tradespeople, Administrative Assistants, IT Developers, Technicians, Programmers, and Supervisors. Anhourly approach ensures that organizations only pay for the time it takes to find the best candidate. For companies looking for an alternative to retainer and contingency based recruitment services, Recruiting by the Hour is a strategic, successful and cost effective solution. 


To be successful, recruiters should also be Human Resource Consultants, working with you to understand your organization’s cultureand spending time getting to know your business, your managers and your people. They meet on-site with your hiring manager to ensure that they understand your culture, so that when they speak with a candidate they truly understand the environment in which they will work. They recruit using social media, professional networks andonline job sites. It’s all about accessing their professionalnetwork, getting your job posted on high traffic sites and finding you the best candidate possible.


tailor their support to meet the needs of the client. Recruiting by the Hour can be customized to meet the specific recruitment needs of your organization, and Consultants are available to conduct the full cycle recruitment processes or assist you with elements of it that allow you to find the right fit faster.


When conducting a full cycle recruit, HR Consultants have the expertise to develop an effective job advertisement reflective of your organization’s culture and the opportunity available, post the position on top job boards and across professional networks, screen potential candidates, and facilitate interviews. The time it takes to recruit an organization the right candidate depends on a variety of position and market factors, however seasoned HR Consultants specialized in recruitment approximate an average of 25 hours to find, present and recommended a hire that is the best fit for the business.


Committed to delivering timely and responsive support to clients and candidates, Human Resource Consultants only take on a limited number of recruiting assignments in order to ensure that they can focus their attention, develop strong relationships and keep on top of candidates that come into the pipeline. Recruitment success is directly related to the relationships built with clients and the potential candidates met through the recruitment process andprofessional networks. As a testament to the success of Recruiting by the Hour, the majority of organizations utilizing this service are repeat and referral clients. These companies appreciate that their HR Consultants understand the importance of value and cost effectiveness, without compromising candidate quality and recruitment efficiency, to help them find and attract top performers.