The Many Faces of a Call Handling Company


Modern message taking services offer far more than just taking messages, and for many small businesses, their services are essential. Using digital technology, it is possible to have a virtual office that handles all your calls, in and out of office hours, and with a prestigious postal address, no one would be the wiser. Hiring professional receptionists is not cheap, and with no office space rentals, you can really save money on that start up. Here are just some of the vital services a call handling company would offer the small business.

Message Taking

If your phones are unmanned after office hours, it could cost you valuable orders, and with a professional company handling all out of office hour calls, your business will not suffer. Customers could be anywhere in the world, and they are not concerned with time zones, and expect a person to deal with their query, regardless of the time. Your business might involve round the clock emergency support, and by using a message taking service, your call out teams will be notified immediately and can be on their way to the client in minutes. If your business is based in the UK, , as they are fully equipped to help in many ways.

Virtual Office Services

This is ideal for the small business that operates from home, and although the company does not have a bricks and mortar office, no one would ever know this, as your prestigious office address will fill your customers with confidence, and all of your calls will be transferred using a virtual number. Messages will be passed on using your preferred methods, which might include SMS, email, or a phone call, and with professional staff who are fully briefed on your company and their services, you can rest assured that customer satisfaction will be at an all-time high.

A Range of Industries

A professional call handling company would have a wealth of experience in many industries, and whether you run a retail store or are an industry supplier, the staff can deal with any queries, as your own staff would. Whatever your business, a call handling company will be well-versed in all aspects of the industry, and your valuable client base will steadily grow. If you are interested in knowing more about call handling, including the basics of presentation, .

Sales Campaign Support

If you are planning a major sales campaign, you will need the support of a professional call answering service, especially if you are anticipating a big response. Brochure requests and sales enquiries can be effectively dealt with and passed on to your sales force, who are out in the field, and with a smooth line of communication, customer service will never be compromised. Sometimes, the marketing campaign is spot on, and the response would take some companies by surprise, with many struggling to cope with the influx of calls, but if you enlist the help of the experts, you will not lose a single enquiry.

Emergency Response

If your business relies on good customer support, you can enlist the help of a call handling company who will answer your calls 24/7, and with professional receptionists who are fully conversant with your business, your customers will always be dealt with in a polite and courteous manner. Once you are a valued customer, you have the benefits of flexibility within the organisation, and a quick call to your service manager will change the schedule of the service, according to your needs. With a reputable call handling company, your business is their business, and they are geared up to assist in any situation. As a business grows, its communication needs change, and by forging an alliance with a call handling company, you have the best partner who can ensure fast response times when answering calls. It can be a logistical nightmare to keep service teams informed about emergency call outs, and with call handling, you can rest assured that the information is relayed promptly.

Temporary Cover

Many businesses rely heavily on key reception staff, who are always willing to go that extra mile, and to lose this key person, even for a short while, is a strain on the system. Call handling can step in at a moments notice, so whenever your regular receptionist is sick, or otherwise engaged, you have a solid, professional back up in place. Annual holidays are necessary, yet often brings on stress, as the organisation struggles to keep a level keel. In order to be efficient and hardworking throughout the year, we need that annual break, when we can recharge the batteries and be ready for another year of hard work. This doesn’t have to include a negative impact on the company, and when you consider that your phone communication is critical, as it projects an image, it makes sense to maintain a high level of professionalism, even when your best people are absent.

Overflow Call Handling

This can be a tailored service, and whenever a certain number of calls are reached, the call handling service kicks in. This is one way to ensure that all calls are answered promptly, as zero response will damage your business, and with a virtual receptionist who is briefed on your company’s product or service, your customers will always receive the right response. There are many instances when you might receive a sudden influx of calls, perhaps before Christmas, or coming up to long weekends, and the overflow service will automatically take care of any calls you cannot handle, and should there be any new information, one call to your account manager and the virtual receptionist will be updated. This flexibility all but eliminates errors, which can cost money, and information is not passed to the relevant people, and service suffers as a result.

A modern call handling company offers a range of essential services for all kinds of industries, and for many businesses, this service is indispensable.