The Potential Hazards of Modifying a Home


It’s not uncommon for people to want to extend, refurbish, or structurally modify an existing home. The plethora of property-related TV shows would certainly have us believe that doing so is relatively straightforward, but the truth can be far from that portrayed reality.

For older homes in particular, any major structural modifications can have a big impact. Over time, all buildings decay, and given enough time, all structures will eventually collapse without maintenance. To this end, it is important to hire the services of in order to evaluate the building before any work is attempted.

When a Home is Hazardous to Your Health

While it is certainly admirable to want to modify a home, it is also important not to rush into the job. The following are some of the problems that can occur in any building:

  • Soil movement: Cracks in the walls due to movement of the soil is common. This can cause major structural problems as the soil moves and the foundations of the building are damaged. In the worst cases, the building is assessed as unsafe until major underpinning work is undertaken to strengthen the structure.
  • Dry rot: This fungal growth is not uncommon in many parts of the country, and the worst cases can literally destroy wooden structures and render them dangerous. The worst cases will result in a building being condemned.

A Professional Assessment

Professional building surveyors will survey the building and the land carefully, monitoring for any problems. They will provide detailed reports, accurate floor plans, sections, and elevations. This is the kind of information that is invaluable prior to starting on any building or modification work. At the very least, getting a professional assessment will allow property owners to avoid the potential hazards that occur in many buildings.