The use and benefits of thermal paper rolls as point of sale receipts


The issue of receipts at point of sale checkouts have been a part of cash registers and tills for years. More recently, the popularity of thermal paper rolls has taken off, as they are now the most heavily used form of receipt paper available.

Their cost can vary greatly, however it is possible to purchase high quality thermal rolls within Australia at low prices. is a company in the outer Melbourne Metropolitan area of Seaford, Victoria who specialises in the supply and sale of thermal paper rolls, bond paper rolls and printer ribbons, along with many other point of sale accessories.

They have offered the basic information below from their 30 years experience in the industry.

Thermal Paper Rolls are small rolls of paper bound around a hollow cardboard inner cylinder, their main usage is in point of sale receipt printers, however they are also popular in commercial kitchen printers too.

The paper comes in 3 sizes: 57mm x 45mm, 57mm x 57mm and 80mm x 80mm. Thermal paper is only suitable for thermal printers. As the name implies, thermal printers do not use an ink ribbon, instead they use heat to transfer information directly to the paper.

This method saves time and money, as thermal paper rolls are much cheaper than regular (bond) paper, they also do not require the continual purchase of ink ribbons / cassettes.

The thermal heat element inside these printers are highly reliable and produce a printing standard almost equal to that of regular ink based printing.

The only downside to thermal paper is that it tends to fade upon storage for long periods of time, as such it is always advised that small receipts are scanned or copied and then filed for taxation purposes.

If the regular thermal paper is retained as the only source for proof of purchase, by the time 6 months passes the fading of the thermal markings may make the details illegible.

For receipts which require a long lifespan, it is advised to use a dot matrix printer which utilises bond , a general ink based receipt printer instead of thermal heat transfer, however if people are wise or informed enough regarding making back up scans / copies of their receipts, there should be no problems with using thermal paper rolls as your main source of receipt paper.