Tool for Creating Business Plans


Develop a business plan is a task that is often uncomfortable for some entrepreneurs. Write, perform calculations, make projections, etc.. are activities that few enjoy.

Fortunately for many entrepreneurs, there are plenty of tools and resources that facilitate business planning, even here we have shared many of the aid (you can see them in the ” Business Plans “). However, most of these tools work with complex spreadsheet templates, so today I want to comment on a new tool for creating business plans that set aside these templates and makes this task easier.

This tool is called Guardian Business and is a new online solution for entrepreneurs who will help you create your business plan in a practical, easy and professional. Then I invite you to learn more about it so that you will be encouraged to try it.

What is Business Guardian?

This service guide for entrepreneurs in the collection of information so that finally, when you dump all the data is available a business plan . What good does it serve? In order to analyze whether your idea is feasible with the resources it has to project possible outcomes, to accounts and see if you have realistic options to be profitable, even to generate a folder in which to seek out a partner or investor.
Features: Easy, dynamic, fast and affordable for any entrepreneur.

Very Easy to Use: It is not necessary to have special knowledge. We intuitively you plan the various items of income and expenditure and project to get the cash flow business.

Complete Spanish: Designed and developed for Spanish-speaking entrepreneur, looking realities of our markets in providing the tools to project.

No more spreadsheets: With Business Guardian no more worrying about formulas and macros. Load information and see results immediately.

Instant Analysis: Enter details of your first year of business and expected rates of evolution and instantly have projections that allow you to make safe.

How much does it cost?

The version just released is free. Allows to formulate the idea, describe the business, set objectives and put together a cash flow analysis with graphics simple and concrete.

The projection is to go including special features that will have cost if, for example tools for putting together a marketing plan to build a detailed cost analysis, a control panel with graphical analysis more complex functionality to then compare the actual results that as they occur as planned, etc …

The idea is that they forget to build macros with complex spreadsheets, they are showing great potential to contain formula errors, and have a simple and easily portable thanks to the web.

It also plans to offer the ability for you to publish the info you want on your plan for a potential investor is interested in your project.