Top 5 investment CRM solutions for Financial Services Industry


Main peculiarities of the investment companies

The investment company is a company that deals with investments and reinvestments in a form of securities, their holding and managing. Its capital is largely represented by securities issued by this company, which are offered to investors.

Now such companies can provide private, corporate, institutional and international investors with a full range of investment banking services.

Moreover, it can have numerous branches in various regions cooperating with a   great number of partners. The number of customer accounts is constantly growing. Is it possible to manage such amount of data without a unified system such as investment CRM? Of course not.

Why CRM system is so important for investment business

The introduction of a customer relationship management system is becoming a critical project to maintain the investment company’s competitiveness and realize its market potential.

It is rather difficult to compete with other investment companies, which have a similar product line. In such conditions, it is extremely difficult to stand out on the market, and the key factor of positioning is the company’s orientation towards the client.

Customers are the main value of a business. At present, properly built, trusting relationships with the customer are often more important than simply reducing costs. In modern conditions, it is impossible to build a fruitful customer relationship without CRM system.

First of all, the philosophy of CRM is the correct focus on the needs of a customer, the desire to increase loyalty to the company as much as possible. If the client is satisfied with everything, he will cooperate with you for a long time. In fact, thanks to CRM, the company has a mass of voluntary advisers.

you can find more information about ways to optimize customer relations using CRM tools.


Bpm’online has an industry solution for investment banks, capital markets and wealth management companies.

Bpm’online system provides a possibility to save the complete history of relations with the client at all levels of interaction. The CRM software increases the service level and customer satisfaction by creating an automated system for managing investment processes and creation of a transparent scheme of interaction: Investor- Investment Company – Customer.

System’s features overview:

  • comprehensive database storage;
  • automatic document generation;
  • various activity types managing;
  • Microsoft Office Outlook integration;
  • business processes deployment;
  • clients data storage;
  • best practices implementation;
  • 360-degree company view and much more.

Deal Cloud

It is an that offers the best possibilities to boost deal-making processes. It allows building successful investment reputation and experience. It provides all necessary analysis, finds the buyers, makes the pitch and finally closes the deal taking into considerations complexities of investment banking relationship and deal management.

System’s features overview:

  • cloud-based;
  • knowledge database;
  • analytic tools;
  • mobile solution.

Pega CRM

Pegasystems developed its for managing the entire customer journey. It combines various features, for example, sales, customer, and marketing services and consistent analysis. Pega CRM allows you to simplify and automate business transactions, so you can reduce your costs and increase the adaptability of your business.

System’s features overview:

  • intellectual management of business processes;
  • dynamic case management;
  • business rules implementation;
  • mobile application;
  • reporting tools;
  • predictive and adaptive analytic tools.

Deal CRM

This investment CRM solution is positioning itself as a CRM built by dealmakers for dealmakers. combines the features of an ordinary CRM and helps its clients to source, manage, close and integrate the largest capital transactions. It has functionality adjusted for all: investors, companies and intermediaries.

System’s features overview:

  • deal management;
  • single platform integration;
  • deal pipeline management;
  • internal team management;

Cool Life CRM

is an effective solution for any financial company.

The implementation of this CRM will allow for uniting disparate data about customers from various systems into a single customer base. Cool Life CRM provides the top management of the company with an understanding not only of the number of accounts existed, but about the number of physical clients and who work with them. As a result, the management of the company receives a product data information for each customer. In addition, it encourages the transition to a single management system, where the manager works with one client, but offers him the entire range of the company’s products.

System’s features overview:

  • overall firm management and control;
  • insight into problematic areas;
  • advanced means of communication;
  • single view for relationships, history, communication and notes;
  • qualified assets for transactions