Which marketing campaign start?


In my computer I keep a “swipe file”, ie a collection of marketing campaigns from which to take inspiration.

Some of these are my campaigns, most are made by other marketers, especially foreigners.

Some are customer acquisition campaigns, other campaigns have acquired customers.

And when I look at the swipe file, I’m thinking: “This campaign is beautiful! I have to adapt and try it! but this idea is not bad, I could modify it to try it in this market … “

In short, many ideas of possible campaigns to launch and spoiled for choice.

In addition, ideas for possible campaigns to be launched are much more than the time I have available.

There are some marketing ideas that has for months and months I expect to turn, and I have not yet had time to try.

So how to choose what may be the next marketing campaign that could cast?

I write here some reflections on the fly, hoping they can come in handy.

The campaigns of which I happen to write more often than customer acquisition. But campaigns are not the only customer acquisition.

For example … you could launch a marketing initiative to get those customers who do not buy for a while ‘.

Or, you may launch an offer for customers who have just made the first purchase. In order to bring them immediately to a second purchase and get them used to buy from you.

Or, you could cast a special offer dedicated to your best customers. Those with a greater propensity to spend.

Personally, to choose what kind of campaign launch, I make myself this question: Which marketing campaign allows me to get the most profit, with the best odds, and with minimum effort?

If you notice, I wrote of probability. If you launch a new marketing initiative (or even a new venture) the risk factor is always present.

Risk means that not all marketing campaigns work the first time. We often need to experiment and test, before finding the best combination of communication, supply and target audiences.

The other important aspect is to optimize your time. Some initiatives could take too long, compared with an uncertain outcome.

That works for you, make a list of possible useful marketing initiatives that could cast, and to start immediately the easiest and profitable