Writing a persuasive marketing blog post


For marketers to attract new page visitors, they are turning to blogging, the result being a conversion to lead and ultimately customers. To achieve this, the blog has to meet specific criteria. If it’s a sale pitch or out rightly selling your product, unless it’s what they were looking for, a visitor won’t stay on the page long. The best blog posts are those that address problems, answer questions and propose solutions beneficial to the users. When you pay close attention, you’ll find that they are persuasive.

The title of a post is meant to draw in a reader, but over exaggeration will put them off especially if the content doesn’t deliver. A marketer or business person looking to expand needs to tell a story. Part of our global culture is storytelling; it is why we enjoy movies, television shows, and Broadway. Your post should begin with a problem, and at the closing, a practical solution should have been given. In between, there needs to be a step by step guide of how the problem will be solved. People are becoming smarter and will only stick around to read the end of the post if they perceive the content to be resolving an actual problem they do have. That is what persuasion is.

Another aspect to incorporate into your content is to while making it enjoyable, educate the reader. They need to come away with a new way of seeing something or having learned something new altogether. When a visitor is captivated and feels that concern is getting addressed, they are likely to buy into whatever your product or services is. A knowledgeable post will leave the person considering giving you a try because, after all, you seem to be an expert. You can provide authority links like has done to solidify your stance.

How does the layout of such a piece book?

What’s the problem?

It could be in the form of a question, an existing problem you want to sell or a point you wish to make. It ought to be stated at the beginning of the content. It gives the reader a clear sense of what to expect.

Provide augments, for and against

Though you’re trying to make a sale, whether to something tangible or an idea, there needs to be a balance in the presentation of ideas. When you do this, a reader will feel their concerns are being met with a certain level of unbiased. That, in turn, cultivates trust. Once done, use factual arguments to shoot down opposing ideas while reinforcing yours. Summary and call to action

Complete your post by summarizing why your position is superior. It is crucial that you state what it’s in it for them. Whatever you want them to do, buy, call, vote, donate or volunteer, clearly indicate what their next steps ought to be.